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In the case of children trust in the dentist plays the main role in the treatment process. It is very important for the child not to feel fear before visiting the dentist. The first visits are decisive for the child’s further attitude towards the dental treatment in the years to come. If deciduous teeth are healthy and without cavities, the chance for the permanent ones to turn out healthy and develop normally is much higher.

Treatment of children in our clinic includes an early exam performed when they are 3- to 6-year-old. In the case of children aged between 7 and 12 we look for cavities and teeth replacement. Recommendations are issued for prophylactic measures in view of each child and a particular treatment plan if necessary.

Paediatric prophylactics includes:

Teaching the child to accurately clean his/her teeth.

Plaque visualization with colourants in order to motivate him/her.

Professional teeth polishing performed in the office.

Silanization of deep fissures.

Control of bad habits in order to prevent the development of teeth-mandibular deformations and anomalies.

Modern treatment of cavities of deciduous teeth is vital since these should be preserved until their replacement with the permanent teeth. A deciduous tooth that was lost ahead of time could result in numerous complications such as dislocation of the neighbouring teeth and the absence for space of a permanent tooth. That is why in such cases it is essential to place a space locator that is to save the area for the permanent tooth.