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Despite the advancement of modern dental medicine, preservation of natural teeth is still the best solution. When the tooth nerve is inflamed or it is already dead, we should perform an accurate root treatment.

In most cases the reason behind the inflammation is advanced cavity. Through the cavity mass bacteria penetrate the tooth interior and cause nerve inflammation (pulpitis). In some cases the inflammatory process could get complicated and impact the tissues that surround the tooth (periodontitis).

Firstly we create access to the nerve, then define the canal length with an apex locator (appliance for canal length measurement). We dilate the canals, remove the bacteria and the infected tissue mechanically and chemically and fill in the canals thickly throughout their length. Finally we restore the tooth integrity with a modern photopolymer material.
Accurate diagnostics is an important prerequisite for success in endodontics. The application of cutting-edge equipment and precise canal processing increases the chances of a successful treatment.