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Thanks to veneers we could correct teeth colorizations (spots), distances in-between teeth or slight breaks in the frontal area. Depending on the problem we could correct several teeth. Veneers are made of pure ceramics and they have a totally natural appearance. These could be selected in view of their colour depending on patient’s wishes.

about us

Thanks to the fact there is no metal that makes the construction look greyish, the purely ceramic crown approximates to the highest degree possible like the natural tooth with its transparency and typical light reflection.

The absence of metal in the purely ceramic constructions makes them biologically bearable and do not cause allergy.

They do not conduct heat and cold irritations.

They do not colorize the surrounding soft tissues in the typical dark-greyish colours.

Inlays are obturations (fillings) that are made in dental technician laboratory according to individual cast. They have many advantages – great aesthetics, precision and biocompatibility.

In the case of small tooth defects (enamel erasure, broken off edges of incisives or lateral teeth) we use high-quality and aesthetic composites. Thanks to these materials we are capable of restoring larger defects in the masticatory area. The composite is placed onto layers and this makes it possible to put layers of various thickness and colour in order to provide the best aesthetical appearance of restoration and prevent it from standing out among the natural teeth.

Gum contributes quite a lot for smile aesthetics. Thanks to professional oral hygiene and aesthetic periodontic surgery the “sick” and in-aesthetic gingiva could regain its healthy and beautiful condition.