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The surgical tooth extraction is necessary in the cases of broken roots or if the tooth’s neck was destroyed, in the case of highly damaged teeth or teeth with bent roots. Extraction is performed under local anaesthesia.

When there is not enough space for wisdom teeth to sprout, this often creates various problems that necessitate their extraction. In cases where the molar is located very close to the mandibular nerve, we take a 3D x-ray image. This way we minimize the risk of a nerve injury during the extraction.

The root top resection (cutting) is the last chance to keep the tooth and is necessary in the following cases where nerve inflammation impacted the bone surrounding the dental root. With this treatment we take off several millimetres from the root top and the surrounding inflamed tissues. Then we should fill in the root canal (retrograde filling).

In cases where the tongue or lips frenulum (connection) is too short and stretched, this could result in the following:

They draw onto the gum and could make up the distance between the central incisive teeth or gum withdrawal.

Drawing ligaments when opening and closing the mouth, bacteria could easily invade the area between the gum and tooth. This could cause chronic gum inflammation and periodontitis.

Thanks to light surgical intervention this mucous membrane ligament could be eliminated.

This is necessary if the tooth remained in the bone or is located slantwise and cannot erupt. After uncovering said tooth we should draw and arrange it in the tooth row with an orthodontic treatment.

A cyst is a hollow inside the bone or inside the soft tissues full of fluid. These are benign formations but they should be eliminated because they are focal points of inflammation that could endanger the comprehensive health status of the organism.

Cystectomy (cyst removal) is a manipulation being performed under local anaesthesia. After the cyst elimination the cavity heals naturally or gets filled in with a bone-replacing ingredient.

Cystostomy (cyst opening) is a manipulation where in certain situations only the cyst is opened. We create access to the cyst, pierce it and the fluid runs out. The pressure inside it decreases and its growth stops. In most occasions the cyst regresses afterward.