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These days more and more children wear orthodontic appliances. Hence they are better and better accepted by children. Additionally, the consequences of inclined teeth and an inaccurate bite are clearer. An earlier visit paid to the orthodontist provides you with the opportunity to find the teeth-mandibular deformations and anomalies on time.

Parents always ask the question about when the orthodontic treatment of their child is supposed to start. Until now it was thought the exact time was after the eruption of all permanent teeth, because treatment after the main growth phase could take place easily and be finalized in 2-3 years. At present orthodontists are of the opinion this growth could be used and impact skeleton deformations and anomalies better.

The most suitable age for a consultation with an orthodontist for the first time is 5-6. The objective of the visit is the early recognition and treatment of teeth-mandibular deformations and anomalies and inaccurate function. The inaccurate functions include the following – breathing through the mouth, inaccurate position, thumb or lip sucking etc. If necessary we undertake an orthodontic treatment with simplified equipment and in a short period. Children should not be overloaded because additional treatment may be necessary later on.

The inaccurate function of the tongue and facial muscles could cause teeth-mandibular deformations and anomalies. Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy is used for treating the inaccurate function of the tongue and facial muscles in order to prevent the occurrence of teeth-mandibular deformations. On many occasions orthodontic treatment is combined with a visit to a speech therapist.

Orofacial myofunctional disorders happen when disruption of the balance between the internal muscle belt (tongue) and external (lips and cheeks). This happens in the case of bad habits such as sucking the finger or lip, breathing through the mouth etc., and various deformations take place in the facial-mandibular area. In the case of inaccurate infantile swallowing, if tongue puts under pressure frontal teeth or stays between the upper and lower front teeth, instead of pressurizing the palate. This could result in an open bite in the frontal area. While breathing through the mouth that is common consequence of increased third tonsil, polyps, deviation of the nose partition, frequent diseases and allergies, tongue cannot impact the development of maxilla at child age. The inaccurate body position could also have unfavourable impact on the mandibular development.

In order to correct the inaccurate function of the tongue muscles, mandibles and face muscles, it would be a good idea to get rid of bad habits and use an orofacial myofunctional therapy. In addition to an orthodontic treatment of the already present deformations, we undertake treatment with a speech therapist in order to normalize muscle function with special exercises.

The treatment includes:

Getting rid of bad habits – sucking finger, dummy;

Striking the right balance between internal (tongue) and external (cheeks, lips) muscle belt;

Learning accurate swallowing;

Achieving nose breathing;

Correcting speech defects.

With this treatment type the objective is to impact the growth of lower and upper mandible. Depending on the situation we could decelerate or accelerate the growth of one or both mandibles. Force is being produced by patient’s muscles and is transferred onto teeth and mandibles.

In the clinic we use the functional appliance bionator (activator) for treatment of a deep, open and/or distal bite.

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It is applicable in the case of 7- to 12-year-olds before the eruption of permanent teeth. Thanks to it we could correct bundled teeth, close the distances in-between teeth and achieve expansion of teeth bow. The appliance consists of colour plastics and wire elements of stainless steel. The active elements have certain impact onto teeth and move them in the desirable direction. The plastic has an inbuilt orthodontic screw. Thanks to its activation we increase appliance sizes that results in teeth bow expansion. The appliance should be worn throughout the day and the night and it is taken down only while eating. Lingual plate is made in a laboratory according to a cast taken in advance in the office. It could be made in various colours and various cartoons could be placed onto it.

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Braces are to be placed after the eruption of all permanent teeth. These could be metal or ceramic (white).