Prophylactics is essential in our clinic, because thanks to it we could avoid teeth and gums diseases. Professional clean-up of dental plaque and tartar is a necessary prerequisite for the maintenance of oral cavity health. This cleaning procedure destroys bacterial deposits and dental surfaces colorization being the reasons for the development of cavities and gum diseases. Thanks to the cutting edge ultrasound equipment and a special polishing appliance we clean the most inaccessible locations that patients are not able to clean on their own.

It extends teeth’s life.

The cavities’ development, gums’ inflammation and risk of periodontitis development decrease.

It cuts down the bacterial number inside the oral cavity that results in faster inflammation prevention.

It is essential for keeping periodontium healthy in the case of patients with chronic periodontitis.

We eliminate deposits and colorization (caused by coffee, tea, wines, nicotine) and teeth get whiter.

Your teeth are cleaner and smoother and your breath is fresher.