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When it comes to restoring missing teeth we aim at achieving the best possible aesthetics, as well as functionality, robustness and precise make of the denture construction.

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In the case of highly destroyed teeth (most often these are dead teeth) we may have to place a crown in order to restore the tooth’s shape and masticatory function.
There are various types of crowns depending on the material they are made of:

Pure ceramics

Metal ceramics


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In the case of one or several teeth missing, the masticatory apparatus could be restored with bridges (metal-ceramic or zirconium).

In the case where teeth next to the missing one have large obturations (fillings), they are greatly destroyed or already abraded, the bridge is the classical solution.

If the neighbouring teeth are healthy, then the better solution would be to place a dental implant.

In the case of partially or completely toothless jaws we could make several types of dentures:

Partial dentures could be removable or with additional fixators (joint or mill dentures) and this increases their stability and comfort.

Complete dentures could be removable (ordinary) or onto dental implants.